2 comments on “Understanding Wu-Wei or Non-doing

  1. Thanks so much for the message. 🙂 … this post clears the concept. But as you told one should put more time and effort into it if she/he wants to fully understand and then apply it. We seemingly don’t need our intellect at all. I clearly remember times when I was guided by my intuition… but was confused because I had started to look into it logically… Pure love… 🙂

  2. :)eastern religions are confusing to many until you give up… but strangely its the same for many things… look at how people learn to swimuntil you relax into the water you can’t truly swim. That’s acceptance. Take a practice based pretty much 100% on acceptance… then you can see why it’s so hard for westerners to let go into acceptance of the Taoist thoughts…peace my friend:)

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