5 comments on “Flowing Through Karma

  1. A nice post which often helps me to see even the worst things of life in a positive attitude..whenever i struggle to accept a thing..i think of this post.thank you

  2. Hello Nirmala,Thank you for your kind comment. If my time spent here sharing the Wisdom I have gained helps you in any way, then I am fulfilled. Thank you for making my day so wonderful!Namaste'

  3. Hello my dear friend Nirmala,You are asking the wrong question. When you think in terms of a destination, you are not living in the Present. All Wisdom and All progress on your Path with Heart occur in the Present – one moment at a time. You Must stop trying to control anything and everything. Let go and relax your mind and body and Practice just Being. This is a long journey that requires impeccable dedication. The more you are able to clear your mind, relax your body, and just Be in the moment, the more you will be able to over time. As you get better at Being Present, you will begin to reap the benefits more and more. The Path to Enlightenment takes place completely in the silence of the Infinite Present. There is nothing to be gained in the linear realm of the Ego. When you ask when you will "get there", that is exactly where you are.My dear friend, this is not a race because you are not going anywhere. You are already there! You are reconnecting with your real Self, your True Nature. Now, please just relax and Practice Being in the Peace, Love, and Joy of the Present – at least twenty minutes every day too! It may not appear to be doing any good but IT IS working in the background redesigning the neural pathways in your brain and slowly relearning how to be One with All.Much love,Namaste'

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