6 comments on “A Most Unlikely Blessing

  1. I read this post with special attention and interest. First, I’ll open my arms as big as I can and give you a warm hug, as warm as I can. (((((HUG)))). Thanks for taking time to write this special post. I know how it feels to sit and try to remember this kind of special events in one’s life. THANK YOU for doing this hard job for us. Over my life (I’m 29 now)… I’ve never been prone to having intense physical pain but mental and emotional pain. I’ve read that how “pain” can help us spiritually… but still don’t understand how or why. For this I’ll re-read this post again and again to learn more, my dear friend. ((smile)) … there must not be any differences between physical pain and mental pain for example, I think. Pain is pain. Much love to youP.S. perhaps you are here to help me find a seemingly missing piece of my own life (a small puzzle within the greater one). Kissessssssssssss…. 🙂 🙂

  2. Oldooz, my dear friend, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words. I began a reply but after two paragraphs, I thought it best to just write a new blog to reply to your comment. I will post it soon upon completion. If indeed I am here to help you with your life puzzles, then I am very honored and humbled. If I can help just one person to “see” their Path with Heart, then I am fulfilled.With much love,Namaste’

  3. Wonderfully written, Wolf…I applaude you!It is said that in life we never get anything we can't handle. You obviously had (and have) the inner fortitude, courage, & heart to overcome obstacles of great magnitude. You've learned through direct (literally hands-on) experience all about the mind/body connection. Most important lesson, I think, is that you genuinely understand from having worked with the power of the mind, in order to produce different effects on the body, over long periods of time, just how rigid the ego-mind can be about holding-on to its old patterns.. how its beliefs of what is & what is not possible are the biggest obstacles of all.You've handled it all masterfully, Wolf; you are truly an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing–thank you for the privilege. Namaste^

  4. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words of wisdom Demitra. I am honored and very appreciative that you would take time from your busy path of helping other spiritual wanderers to visit my Path with Heart. I have gained much from reading your wisdom over time and look forward to your upcoming book. I have known for a long time that the Ego limits our abilities, both physical and mental. And, of course, whenever the Ego shows itself, we lose that natural connestion with our Soul, our Source, our True Nature. What a true menace it can be! Although I had experienced the power of Oneness throughout my early years, it was not until my Kenpo training that I realized how great was the extent of these limitations created by Ego. It was a wonderful, enlightening, and truly powerful lesson indeed!Be well my friend and thank you for your always-inspiring teachings. Please come again!Namaste’

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