4 comments on “The Great Potential of Challenges: The Way Home

  1. Hi Wolf…Thanks so much for taking time to respond to me. 🙂 … I guess I understood your meanings. “….you must learn to face life’s challenges as a true warrior faces battle. The true warrior relaxes his mind into stillness and sinks this calm mind into his body…” Well… I remember times that I’ve acted in this way, but not all the times especially when I’m depressed or stressed. Like today that seems so gloomy and depressing. I have to learn more about Ego… reading your first paragraph where you’ve said: “…the ultimate tool for prying my Ego from my True Nature…” I’m asking myself how and why again! Isn’t that EVERYTHING in the world is holy and originated from Love? So why does Ego limit our infinite power? (because it’s an illusion????)… yes.. I’ll have to learn more! Once again thank you. :)By the way, sometimes when I visit your blog there appears some icons which allow one to delete the comments, or even change your settings. Perhaps this arises from temporary errors in the system. Just wanted to let you know. 🙂 LoveOldooz

  2. Hello my dear friend Oldooz!Thank you for letting me know about the access problem. That was so kind and thoughtful of you! I believe I have it solved now but please let me know if it persists. I really need to write an entry about Ego and how it differs from our True Nature. Hopefully I can explain this well enough so it can be understood. It is far too involved to answer here but suffice it to say, it is the source of everything that keeps us estranged from our Source and is the root cause for all of the problems of mankind.Now my friend, I want you to know that we all have our bad days and that being One in the Present for any great length of time is very difficult indeed. That is why gaining Wisdom is a journey, a Path. I have recently joined a wonderful Zen online community and I believe you might gain much from this place. Please go here and look around if you like:Meditation & Spiritual Life Practice Communityhttp://zendoctor.ning.comPlease let me know what you think and I will begin my process to write about Ego.With Great Love!Namaste'

  3. Reading your comment I remembered what I’ve studied about Ego in the past. So I agree with you on “…it is the source of everything that keeps us estranged from our Source..”. It seems I’m a bit confused on this subject… I’ll be glad to read your post about Ego… of course if you have enough time to write.Thanks for the link… sounds interesting. :)NAMASTE… 🙂

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