2 comments on “My First Lucid Dream

  1. Tom, Thank you so much. I DID enjoy reading this blog. I really appreciate the time and energy you put into your blog, sharing your wisdom with us.Please take your time. I at least, will be patient. ;)By the way, I love the image. :)BIG HUG to you dear friend. 🙂

  2. Hello my dear Oldooz,I have missed you! You bring such joy to me whenever our Paths cross. I saw your last comment but did not have time to log in. I am so glad you enjoyed my first lucid dream. Words are so inadequate to truly explain the incredible beauty and blissful liquidity of movement. You must train yourself so you can understand too. I will add others over time but my focus is on returning to our True Nature. I have made incredible progress in my Tai Chi! My chi has accumulated in great amounts in my tan tien and is constantly bathing me in it's wonderful ecstasy. My mind and body have rejoined in such stillness and I am moving with such slowness and Integrity. The feeling of Power gets greater almost daily! Yes, I am excited, indeed!!I look forward to talking with you more dear friend. Until next time…With much love,Namaste'

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