6 comments on “What is the Dantian?

  1. Thank you for your beautiful and very interesting blog Celina, and, thank you for coming by here to visit my Path with Heart. Your kind words make my modest effort here infinitely worthwhile. Please come again and feel free to share your thoughts, feelings, and Wisdom anytime.Peace and love…Namaste'

  2. Thank you too, Anonymous, for coming by to visit. Please feel free to use your name so we may get to know each other. I am sure you have a lot of Wisdom to add to my Path too. We are all here to help each other with love and compassion to get back in touch with the Peace, Love, and Joy of our True Nature.Peace and love…Namaste'

  3. Thanks for the informations.Is it that the lower dantien is something like a chakra (manipuraka…from where all the pranic channels originate and directed to all the parts of the body?yogic science…is it the seat of emotions?kindly make me understand.can chanting Aum etc etc make this dantien powerful?nirmala

  4. Hello my dear friend! You have been on my mind a lot for quite some time now. I sincerely pray that you are well and have learned to be mindful doing(not-doing) the physically-demanding work you do every day.Indeed, Nirmala, the three Dantiens are chakras. The lower Dantien is the "Elixir of Life" and is where the chi is accumulated with proper Practice. This is our "Center" that I speak of throughout this blog. Allow your mind to relax, your Awareness to reside in the powerful Silence here as One with your Intuition, and Be One with the God within – your True Nature.Please peruse my blog where you will find so much more information and guidance than I can share here. Of course, you know I am Always here to help you further. Just let me know here or email me with any other questions you have. I promise to reply soon to your last email too. It is in my Draft folder as a reminder. :)Best wishes Always!Much love…Namaste'

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